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Welcome to fans, professionals and those who are interested in cycling and who are always looking for news, thrills and ideas to buy the best accessories for your bike!

In this blog you are going to find updates on events relating to cycling, as well as advice to find your way and choose the best products available on the market, but also interesting tips about cycling, a wonderful universe made of entertainment, aggregation and sport.

Beauty and value for bicycles lovers

Passion, expertise, enthusiasm and tenacity, focusing day after day on excellence, these are the highlights of Gist, a company founded in 1985. Gist products come from intuition, which then becomes an idea before moving on to the proper design stage. The quality guarantee is ensured by the care and special processing with which the various items are produced. The founders Gilberto and Stefano Parolin, in particular, are not only driven by the fascination for cycling and its business, but also by a real passion for this sport. Today, this makes the difference.

Accessories for bicycles and the main GIST products

Gist is committed to offering everything a cyclist needs: from the wheels to caps, from helmets to frames, from jackets to pads, from lubricants to saddles. Each of these products uses all the latest innovations on the market and fabrics technology, as well as a unique style, which can be recognized also hurtling at full speed!