Customize your bike with Aerozine!

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Customizing and colouring your bike? Aerozine is the answer!

Everybody knows that, a cyclist does not want to be like all the others and does not love ‘wearing a uniform’, except that of his team!

Everyone is different, having their speed, their pace and preferences when it comes to saddles, wheels and components.

That’s why Gist Italia chooses Aerozine

Aerozine starts from here, from the need to stand out and find your own dimension.

Gist Italia has been relying on this brand for years, as it has always proved its highest level in the design of unique products, the result of an experimental, advanced and cutting edge technology.

Aerozine loves aggressive and anodized colors and linear and clean design, as it has to satisfy those who want their two-wheeler to be both performing and beautiful.

aerozine cranksets

Aerozine offers a wide range of components for both road cyclists and bikers, who can choose among various models of cranksets, chainrings, headsets, handlebar rise and a rich palette of bright colors to customize the look of the bike as they prefer!

A couple of fresh news?

The Aerozine Kit is coming, colorful and aggressive as we like it!

Xen stem size 45/55/65 mm

r15 handlebar size 82 mm

xc 1.0 hyper grip

And for those who like extreme sports, this is the item that cannot be missing in the ‘kit’ of a true biker: the telescopic seat post!

Aerozine, besides having already tested the mechanical seat post, offers its new hydraulic seat post, sturdy, stable and smooth.

The remote control on the handlebar ensures a controlled positioning of the saddle with no friction, for a pleasant and quick manoeuvre, without having to disassemble the bike to adjust the saddle.

It adjusts very well in height and thanks to the three positions it offers it’s very comfortable, even on mixed-use paths.

Key ally for all those practicing All Mountain, Enduro and Downhill, the Aerozine seat post guarantees a truly unique experience!

Diameter: 31.6 / 30.9 mm

Length: 420 mm

Stroke: 120 mm

Customize your bike with Aerozine!

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