Bike accessories: how to change the handlebar tape

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Paying attention to details! The importance of bike accessories

In order to ride your bike in a comfortable way and to get the best performances, you have to pay attention also to details and to bike accessories. One of the details that each road cyclist has to keep under control is the handlebar tape.

The handlebar tape is a necessary accessory, which needs to be used and changed frequently to have the best possible grip. The advantages of this accessory should not be underestimated, and include a better grip but also a benefit as far as customization and originality are concerned. The tapes of the Gist collection, for example, come in different colours and consequently can be considered ad real decorations.

Why is it important to change the handlebar tape

The handlebar tape can get damaged with time and wear, and in these cases it is necessary to change it to have excellent performances and avoid problems. A worn out handlebar tape, indeed, is not only less effective, it can also cause damages, like blister on hands.

How to change the handlebar tape

Here are some tips about how to change the tape to always have a great handlebar! The first thing you should do, obviously, in removing the old and ruined tape. You need to remove the collar, the scotch tape that holds the tape and unroll the tape, which is fixed to the other end of the handlebar with a cap, which needs to be removed as well. When you have taken off the old tape, before you apply the new one you need to clean the handlebar and remove the residues of glue and dirt. Be sure that you have dried the handlebar after washing it, and apply the new tape. First of all take a little piece of tape and fix it to the collar. Begin to roll the tape starting by the end where you are going to put the cap, and leave part of it outside. Pay attention to cover the entire surface of the handlebar and tighten it well till the other end of the handlebar, then cut the tape, wrap its end and insert the collar. Put the cap at the other end of the handlebar to fix the tape also here.
Here we are, now you can use your bike again!

Bike accessories: how to change the handlebar tape

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