A bike always at the top with bicycle lubricants and other products for its maintenance

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Bike maintenance: an act of love

When you love something, it is natural to be willing to protect it and keep it always at its best. This is what happens also to bike lovers, who are always looking for products and solutions to cuddle their bike and keep it bright and in perfect health.

The cares of a passionate cyclists can be accompanied by specific products, especially conceived for the maintenance of the several parts of the bike. From bicycle lubricants to tire pumps, the range of products created to take care of bikes is wide and varied.

Maintenance and cleaning

All the cyclists would like their bike to always look bright and shining, but they know that it doesn’t take much to make it dirty! On the contrary, cleaning it might be a bit difficult, especially in case of grease or mud. To make your bike shine again, without ruining it, you should use specific cleaning products, like the products of the WD 40 line, which can remove mud, oil and dirt in general without ruining the bike, no matter the material of the bike itself.

Protection and reparation with bicycle lubricants

Bikes also need to be protected: from rust, corrosion, but also from moisture and bad weather. Also in this case you can use specific products (again the WD 40 line can help us) to guarantee your bike the protection it deserves. For chains, in particular, you can use bicycle lubricants that can protect them from wear and corrosion.
Prevention matters, but sometimes cures are necessary! Everybody can happen to puncture a tire, but it is easy to solve the problem if you use a specific product. One of the most interesting ones, in this sense, is Slime Pro, which has been conceived to prevent punctures and, at worst, to repair tires. The only sealant to be compatible with CO2, Slime Pro is advantageous also because it does not freeze and stay active for two years.
Care and protection: this is the secret for a bike always at the top!

A bike always at the top with bicycle lubricants and other products for its maintenance

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