Vintage cycling accessories: a GIST story

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Nothing makes us as happy as receiving great feedback, read Cody’s story about our vintage bicycle accessories!

I live in France and ride an old ‘fixie’ that I got from a cycling store in Nice. I’m not a complete bike freak but if there’s one thing I know about riding in France, it’s that you’ve got to do it in style. We go for ‘alley cat’ rides once a week together in a group and that’s the best time to show off new gear. So my bike is pretty nice but it’s nothing to write home about, certainly not among this crowd anyways, but what did have heads turning (whether they liked to admit it or not) was my newest Gist Italia vintage gear.

I have always considered GIST a classy company, but they’ve stepped it up with this new vintage cycling accessories line. For an old-fashioned bike, you need old-fashioned gear. I know there is a constant battle between French and Italian bikes and bike styles, and usually I like to support France but I’ve got to say that this time, I’m going with the Italian.

For their vintage style bike gear, Gist uses authentic Italian leather and cool old canvas material finished off with classic logos. I picked up a perfect leather bike seat that looks fresh from the early 1900s and a classic camel bag to store my clothes and water in while I ride in style. 

Vintage cycling accessories: a GIST story

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