Vintage bicycle pannier bags, a perfect mix of style and practicality

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If you want your bike to look stylish, you can stylise your bike with vintage bicycle pannier bags. Practical, hard wearing, and used by cyclists the world over, these bags combine the use of modern light weight materials with innovative design. You will appreciate the storage capacity, enabling you to carry everything you need, whilst at the same time protecting your luggage from the effects of the weather.

The design of these vintage pannier bags has been carefully conceived to satisfy the most important needs of the touring cyclist. Safety and comfort.
The fixing design ensures that the bike is not ‘top-heavy’ due to the centre of gravity being too high, and in this way the stability and safety of the cycle is maintained. Equally well manufactured using top quality materials, the fixings are easily adaptable to your frame design, and attach securely with a minimum of effort. The rigorous testing of the materials used in manufacture ensures that everything inside stays dry and comfortable!

And now to the important stuff! Does your bike still look good when loaded and ready for your departure? Definitely yes. You will be delighted by the look, blending with the careful design of the bike frame and other accessories, these panniers are far from hard to carry, they actually enhance your cycling experience. However modern your cycle frame, the vintage style and quality of the panniers contrasts with, and thereby complements the overall cycling experience.

Vintage bicycle pannier bags, a perfect mix of style and practicality

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