MTB Italian wheels: peculiarities and tips

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A type of wheel for each discipline!

If all cycling disciplines have in common passion and an innate spirit of challenge and adventure, it is also true that each discipline is different from the other from different points of view. The main peculiarities of each discipline are mirrored also by specific bikes and wheels.
Each discipline, indeed, needs specific types of wheels and tires, which have been conceived to make the cyclist ride in the best way. Here are some of the peculiarities of MTB Italian wheels!

Which peculiarities do MTB Italian wheels have?

Mountain biking is a discipline that takes place on grounds that are different from the ones of road cycling, and these grounds are characterized but mud, water and dust, as well as by an irregular and certainly more impervious surface. To face this type of ground, it is necessary to have an appropriate bike, with notably resistant wheels and with the capacity to carry tires of a larger section. As far as the diameter of wheels is concerned, the predominant standard has long been 26 inches, but in the last few years also the 29 and 27,5 inches standards have become very popular. This variety allows cyclists to choose the model that best fits their needs and objectives, since to different dimensions corresponds also a different level of robustness, weight, adherence to the ground and so on.

Appropriate tires and treads

Also MTB tires have specific peculiarities: the section is usually 1,8 to 2,5 inches, and the robustness of the tire can vary depending upon the needs. Also treads can vary depending on the type of ground you have to face; no matter it is a mainly a dusty, or muddy, or rocky ground: in any case you can choose the most appropriate model.
Treads can be tubeless or for air chamber. Tubeless treads, in particular, have the advantage of a greater adherence to the ground.

MTB Italian wheels: peculiarities and tips

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