Indoor cycling trainer: advantages

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When it’s wet, cold and miserable outside you can still use your bike for exercise if you invest in an Indoor cycling trainer. This useful piece of equipment is a godsend to anybody who needs to cycle regularly, yet does not want to face cold and dark weather conditions.

Gist Italia keeps a wide range of these products in stock and there’s sure to be an Indoor cycling trainer to suit your needs. You’ll find trainers that are best suited to city-type bikes or more robust trainers which can be used for racing bikes, MTB or ATB. Indoor trainers are easy to put together and your cycle will just slot into the required position. You can soon be training at peak levels in the comfort of your own home!

Some trainers offer handlebar controls, so it’s easy to change resistance levels during your work out and achieve the benefits of a tailored fitness workout which has similarities to riding your bike on the open roads or hills. Pedal push adjusters are also a common way to ensure a more customized work out. Other trainers offer a more lightweight, city ride type of training which is ideal for hobby cyclists. Alternatively, if you need to keep your cycle outside you could consider the benefits of installing an exercise bike at home so you can still keep on with cycle training.

Gist Italia also stocks a wide variety of useful exercise bikes, so you can stay on top of your game any time of the day or night.

Indoor cycling trainer: advantages

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