GIST reviews: SMP Saddles

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A standard bicycle seat becomes a thing of torture after an hour or two of cycling. For both men and women the seat requires the wrong parts of the body to bear the body’s weight. In one study 61% of cyclists reported experiencing groin numbness. Even more alarming are reports of permanent damage to the nerves and blood vessels of the groin from poorly designed bicycle seats.

SMP saddles have been re-designed using principles of ergonomics. The saddle is designed such that the rider’s weight is supported by the sit-bones (more properly called the ischial tuberosities), which are the part of the human body intended to be sat on. The delicate parts in the groin area have no pressure and no weight placed on them, therefore no blood vessel compression, nerve damage, pain or numbness will occur. The back of the saddle is shaped to keep weight off the coccyx when riding on rough roads. The front of the saddle is designed to provide a base to push against on long uphill climbs and to permit greater control of the bike with the thighs. Tim Abbott of Gripped Racing highly recommends SMP saddles. His “painful tale” is laid out here: He reports no numbness and no discomfort with SMP saddles.

GIST reviews: SMP Saddles

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