Cycling products, from cycling helmets to lights

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If you enjoy cycling you’ll probably want to check out what cycling products and accessories are on the market so you can make the most of your hobby. Some accessories are essential items you’ll need to purchase from the start, these include cycling helmet, puncture repair kit and basic safety gear. When you ride regularly though you’ll want to consider the options for making your bike as comfortable and speedy as possible.

If you plan to go touring with your cycle side saddles are a convenient option, much more comfortable than carrying kit in a backpack. You should also consider the benefits of fitting a more comfortable saddle, impacts and pressure from long hours riding a bike with an unsuitable saddle can cause damage to your pelvic area. Choosing the most comfortable cycling gear and gloves is also important when you plan to spend hours riding.

Some additional cycling products that are great for anybody who plans to tour with their bike include mirrors, cycle computers, lights, water bottles and bottle holders and mudguards to protect your cycle against mud and water splashes.

Many keen cyclists enjoy customizing their bikes so they can achieve better speeds and a more streamlined appearance. You can buy rims and wheels to ensure your bike performs at optimum levels on your chosen surfaces or you may wish to purchase a turbo trainer so you can cycle indoors in winter weather conditions.

The variety of cycle accessories you can purchase is endless. One thing you should always keep in mind though is whether the parts you buy are suitable for your cycle.

Cycling products, from cycling helmets to lights

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