The sport is challenge, sharing, growth. The Gist Italy founders know it well, cyclists for passion for this reason have a real knowledge of athletes needs. The love for sport is the engine that drives us towards the continuous innovation and the push to research for more efficient solutions, with the intention of offering quality and pure Italian style. The enthusiasm of young designers, the values are concretized into forms and expressions to create products which are then shaped by skilled hands of craftsmen; checks and tests are daily carried out because the safety, reliability and durability are not optionally considered by Gist Italy, who signs its productions with a seal of quality pride that sets it apart.



Our Mission


Give to all bike passionate the feeling of being champions in their life, to live every ride with excitement and to be in peace with their bikes and their lives.



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Our Target


We address people with a free lifestyle, who loves themselves and the environment.

Bike passionates, bikers, road cyclist and everyone who loves riding and that never settle for anything less!




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